Friday, October 18, 2019

October 14th - 18th

The boys and girls are busy getting ready for Halloween!  We've decorated our hallway and have created quite a scare!!  Check out our jack-o-lanterns and scary spiders!  


Throughout the next two weeks, HCA will be collecting nonperishable foods such as canned foods, soups, cereals, rice, and pasta along with cat and dog foods.  The Kindergarten and PreK classes are promoting the drive.  Please send in your donations!  The boys and girls are excited to fill up our classroom box!

This week we have been talking a lot about sharing and how to work with a partner and take turns.  The kindergarten class is very respectful and caring towards each other.  And all smiles when it comes to playing and working together!!  

As the students work hard in class, they are learning to become responsible for getting classwork finished before centers.  Austin and Marcus are working hard in their phonics books!

Lucy has a great audience as she reads a Halloween story!


October 31st - Halloween Mission Party

November 14th, 15th - Parent/Teacher Conferences

Camp Out for Hunger Donations!!

Have a great weekend!
Sharon DeBardino

Friday, October 11, 2019

October 7th - 11th

Last week we attended the prayer service for Blessing of the Animals.  Many of us brought in stuffed animals and pictures, and some of us brought in our cats and dogs!  Bella, my dog, made an appearance this year and joined us in the classroom for a short visit after the prayer service.  The students had fun visiting with Bella and reading to her.  She's a great listener!

The Kindergarten and PK students are teaming up together for a wonderful service project!  The boys and girls worked on coloring pictures to help advertise the need for nonperishable items and dog and cat food.  More information will be provided shortly!  Stay tuned!!!

This week in science class, we learned about the water cycle!  We learned the words evaporation, condensation, and precipitation!

Some students are working with Montessori math materials where you build the number and match with ten sticks and unit beads.  


Rest towels will be sent home.  Please wash and return on Tuesday

Monday, October 14th - Student Holiday, No School

Tuesday, October 15th - HCA Founders' Day Prayer Service, 8:15 am

Thursday, October 31st - Halloween Mission Party

Gym class next week:  Wednesday, Friday

Two napkins in your child's lunch please!

Have a great weekend!
Sharon DeBardino

Friday, October 4, 2019

September 30th - October 4th

This week, we were working on action words.  We read a story called, Everybody Works.  We named the jobs and the different actions that went along with each job.  In kindergarten, the boys and girls are given classroom jobs.  We were able to describe the action of each classroom job!  Way to go, kindergarten!!

Door Holder - holding the doors!

Line leader - leading the class!

Calendar - ordering the numbers!

Messengers - delivering the mail!

Plant person - watering the plants!

Classroom Pet - feeding the fish!

Clean up helper - cleaning the classroom!

In math, we are working on patterns.  The boys and girls were creating three and four cubed patterns. First, we named our pattern, then created the pattern several times.  Challenge your child at home to create patterns with things around the house.  A pattern can be made from many things, colors, objects, numbers, etc.


Wednesday, October 9th - Class Picture Day
(Regular uniform please, no gym uniform)

Thursday, October 10th - Individual School Photo
(Students can have free dress)

Gym Days - Monday, Wednesday, Friday
(Wednesday, Regular Uniform with sneakers)

Monday, October 14th - Student Holiday

Have a great weekend!
Sharon DeBardino

Friday, September 27, 2019

September 23rd - 27th

Throughout the week, some students have worked independently on building sentences using the Montessori movable alphabet.  We have been building two digit numbers with the Montessori materials, and using the teen and ten boards.

This week we got to meet our "HCA Families" during Community Time!  The kindergarten students are placed in a small group with other students and will work on projects throughout the year and enjoy some social time with their "families!"

Events and Reminders
***The Early Childhood Division has its own Instagram account!  Follow us @hcadrexelhillec!"***

Check and empty folders each night
Homework will be Thursdays, return on Friday
Peanut free lunches, please
Two napkins for lunch and utensils if needed
Gym uniform for next week:  Tuesday, Thursday
Friday, October 4th - Blessing of the Animals
Wednesday, October 9th - Class Photos
Thursday, October 10th - Individual Photos
Monday, October 14th - Student Holiday

Have a great weekend!

Sharon DeBardino

October 14th - 18th

The boys and girls are busy getting ready for Halloween!  We've decorated our hallway and have created quite a scare!!  Check out our j...