Friday, October 25, 2019

October 21st - 25th

Last week the entire school participated in a fun-filled day to celebrate Founders Day!  The Middle School students ran the games and activities.  A huge thank you to Mrs. Mossor and Mrs. Mueller for organizing the day!  We broke into small groups with some of our Pre-K friends and the boys and girls had a blast!


This week in science we used magnetic wands to see if specific items were magnetic.  We learned that an item must be made out of iron, nickel, and cobalt in order to stick to our wands.  Some items that were magnetic were:  a paper clip, scissors, and a magnet.  Some items that were not magnetic were:  pencil, book, key, and an eraser.  We also tested items from around the room.  Magnets are fun!


The Halloween Mission Party is Thursday, October 31st!  A few reminders about the day:

          ● The children are to arrive to school by 7:55 a.m. in costume.
          ● Costume “weapons” (swords, bows and arrows, guns, etc.) and full facial
              masks will not be permitted.
          ● The parade will begin at 8:15 am - bring your cameras!
          ● Please have your child wear his/her costume with sneakers. The children
             will remain in their costumes for the entire day.
          ● From 9:00-10:10, games will be held in the gym and activities will be held in
             the MPR for students in Nursery 2, Nursery 3, Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st
             grade. Teachers will take the classes around as a group. Parents, you may
             join the group and follow along if you wish.
          ● All students will gather in the cafeteria together at 10:15 am for snack.
          ● At 10:30, the students in Nursery 2, Nursery 3, Pre-K, Kindergarten, and
             1st grade will return to their classrooms to watch a Halloween movie. You
             may take your child home at this time if you wish (please notify your child’s
             teacher if you plan to do so), or he/she can stay until regular dismissal. The
             Parents’ Association has some activities planned for parents until dismissal
             if you wish to stay.
         ● Dismissal will be at 12:00 noon. No lunch will be served and there will be
            no HCA+ that day.


Kindergarten is scheduled to visit the Book Fair on Monday, October 28th!  


Next week is our last week collecting non-perishable food and pet food for Camp Out for Hunger!  Our entire school has been doing a fantastic job bringing in the items.  Please consider donating if you haven't done so yet!  Thank you to those who have sent in items!  


Please wash and return rest towels on Monday, October 28th

Gym Days:  Monday, Wednesday
(Wednesday - regular uniform for school wide picture)

Thursday, October 31st - Halloween Mission Party

Friday, November 1st - Student Holiday, No School

Thursday, November 14th/Friday, November 15th - Parent/Teacher Conferences

Have a great weekend!
Sharon DeBardino

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