Friday, October 4, 2019

September 30th - October 4th

This week, we were working on action words.  We read a story called, Everybody Works.  We named the jobs and the different actions that went along with each job.  In kindergarten, the boys and girls are given classroom jobs.  We were able to describe the action of each classroom job!  Way to go, kindergarten!!

Door Holder - holding the doors!

Line leader - leading the class!

Calendar - ordering the numbers!

Messengers - delivering the mail!

Plant person - watering the plants!

Classroom Pet - feeding the fish!

Clean up helper - cleaning the classroom!

In math, we are working on patterns.  The boys and girls were creating three and four cubed patterns. First, we named our pattern, then created the pattern several times.  Challenge your child at home to create patterns with things around the house.  A pattern can be made from many things, colors, objects, numbers, etc.


Wednesday, October 9th - Class Picture Day
(Regular uniform please, no gym uniform)

Thursday, October 10th - Individual School Photo
(Students can have free dress)

Gym Days - Monday, Wednesday, Friday
(Wednesday, Regular Uniform with sneakers)

Monday, October 14th - Student Holiday

Have a great weekend!
Sharon DeBardino

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