Friday, March 15, 2019

March 11th - 15th

With spring right around the corner, the Kindergarten students have been working towards becoming First graders!  We have increased our homework days, are working on digraphs in class, and are preparing to lead the school in a Lenten Prayer Service!  This week some of our friends wrote sentences us a word that begins with sh.  In class, we have created lists for the following digraphs:  sh, wh, ch, and th.  Challenge your child to find objects around the house that start or end with the digraphs we have worked on in class.  This week our words of the week are:  who, could, find.  The letter of the week is:  J.

This week, Cameron was our student guest reader!  Cameron read, "Jump Pup."  The puppy in the story was doing lots of actions and the pictures of the puppy were adorable!  Cameron did a great job reading to the class and we all enjoyed the story.


Next week is HCA Spirit Week!  It's a fun week to be a Holy Child student!  If you have any questions, please ask.  Here is the information for the week.

                                              SPIRIT WEEK (Monday, March 18th - Friday, March 22nd)

                             Monday - Actors, Athletes, and Authors (dress down day)                                                                                      Dress as your favorite actor, athlete or book character.
                            Tuesday - Music and Masterpiece (NO dress down) 
                                             Bring in your artwork for display.
                            Wednesday - Superhero/Disney Day!  (dress down day) 
                                             Dress as your favorite superhero or Disney character
                            Thursday - Accessory Day (NO dress down) 
                            Friday - HCA Day (dress down day) 
                                           Dress in Holy Child gear or green and white colors. 

Spring Break - March 25th - 29th

Kindergarten Prayer Service - Friday, April 5th, 8:15 a.m.

Have a great weekend!
Sharon DeBardino

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