Friday, April 26, 2019

April 22nd - 26th

This week, in honor of Earth Day, the kindergarten class planted flowers in pots which we placed on the school patio for everyone to enjoy!

In math class, some friends are working hard on adding using the Montessori Bank Game and some friends were introduced to the Montessori Stamp Game which is a similar version of the Bank Game.

Over the last few weeks, some of the students worked on special projects to go along with stories from our reader.  One group read the story, Sam's Big Fish.  The story was about a boy who was having a special fish day at school.  The students in the story had to make a fish using any materials.  The kindergarten students were given the same assignment.  Each student was allowed to pick any material to create a fish.  Some used construction paper, some used water color, and others used play dough to create their fish! 

Another group of students read, No Lions and Tigers.  The story was about a lion who needed to visit the dentist but was afraid.  The dentist was afraid of lions and tigers.  The kindergarten students created a puppet to represent their character.  Puppets were made out of socks, paper bags, and construction paper.  The students performed a small puppet show for our friends in Nursery, PK, and First through Third.  They were all a terrific audience!

This week our student reader was Salli!  Salli read, You Can Do It, Pout-Pout Fish! by Deborah Diesen.  The story was about a fish who wanted to make a painting without any help.  He didn't think he could do it but in the end, he did a great job.  Salli did a fantastic job reading the story and the audience was great!


Guest Readers Wanted!  
If any parent would like to sign up to be a kindergarten guest reader, please email me.  You are welcome to come in and read to the class at 8:15 a.m.  Please provide a book or let me know if you need one.

Please send in a spring change of clothing bag.  Play clothes, underwear and socks.  I can send the other bag home once a new bag has come in.

May 15th - Early Childhood Celebration Day!

Have a great weekend!
Sharon DeBardino

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