Friday, February 21, 2020

February 17th - 21st

This week we celebrated the 100th Day of School!

We made special 100 Day hats, counted to 100, read the story, Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of Kindergarten, grouped objects into sets of ten to see which objects added up to 100, and thought of what we would buy if we had $100!

Groups of ten!  Which one had 100?


IF I HAD A $100.00, I WOULD.......

Vincent would buy Pokemon cards for his friends. 
Lucy would share the money with her neighbor.
Davis would buy Pokemon cards.
Roman would buy sneakers.

Foster would buy a fish and a fish tank.
Kellan would buy Bay Blades and a glass of water.
Kayley would buy lots of pizza.
Karly would buy 105 french fries.

Truman would go to California and go to Disneyland.
Nora would buy her dad a whale balloon.
Braela would go to a JoJo concert.
Mira would buy a new house.
Scarlett would go eat a meal with her family.

Jurnee would buy a bouncy ball.
Austin would save the money to buy Pokemon cards.
Marcus would get the man some cards.
Lily would buy french fries and pizza.
Charity would drive on a bus to get some pizza.


This week we shared "Acts of Kindness" with other grades in our school.  The sixth grade came to our classroom to read stories to us!  

Our "act of kindness" was for the 7th Grade.  We sent them a basket of lollipops and wrote them a letter inviting them to come to our classroom to play Bingo games with us!  We feel it is important to invite others into our play!


Gym Days next week:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Saturday, February 29th - HCA AUCTION!!
Hope to see you there!

Please send in your re-registration for next year!

Please begin working on shoe tying with your child.  
And work on phone numbers and address as well.

Have a great weekend!
Sharon DeBardino

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