Friday, October 16, 2020

October 13th - 16th


This week in math the students worked on creating two digit numbers and matching the Montessori materials such as ten sticks and units.  We are also working on "greater than, less than" skills.  

This week in science we learned about the Water Cycle!  We learned what condensation, precipitation and evaporation means.  We listened to a cool song about the Water Cycle and colored our own pictures!  We demonstrated with a cotton ball and water how a cloud (cotton ball) fills with water droplets and when the water droplets get too heavy, it precipitates!

The kindergarten students continue to work hard using the Movable Alphabet! Some friends are working on creating words and others are working on sentences.  These words and sentences are written phonetically, how the children hears the word.  We then show the children the correct spelling!  Well done, kindergarten!


Parent/Teacher Conferences - Thursday evening, Friday morning (10/22,10/23)

Friday, October 23rd, No school for students

Gym Days next week - Monday, Wednesday
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Halloween Mission Party, October 30th - Half Day
(more information coming soon)
A message from our Diversity Committee:
During the month of November, we will be celebrating religious diversity. If you or someone you know would like to share with a class, a division, or the whole school, please email
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Sharon DeBardino

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