Friday, October 9, 2020

October 5th - 9th

 We started our week with the Blessing of Animals.  Many of us brought in stuffed animals and pictures, and some of us brought in our cats and dogs! Even though the weather was a little rainy, it didn't stop us from celebrating and blessing our pets!  Later that afternoon, Fourth Grade teacher, Mrs. Minner stopped in with her duck, Miracle.  She told us how she cares for Miracle the Duck and told us about all the animals that live at her house!  Mrs. Minner loves animals for sure!

In math, we are working on patterns.  The boys and girls were creating two, three and four cubed patterns. First, we named our pattern, then created the pattern several times.  Challenge your child at home to create patterns with things around the house.  A pattern can be made from many things, colors, objects, numbers, etc.

Each week we introduce a letter from the alphabet.  We work on the sound the letter makes and the correct way to make each letter.  We stress the importance of having good posture when working at the table.  Better posture makes for better handwriting!

When using the movable alphabet, we ask the students to put down the letters they hear in the word.  This is called phonetic spelling.  After they build a word with the movable alphabet, they write the word in their journal and draw a picture to go with the word or sentence they've created.  Afterwards we show the students the correct way to spell the words!


Monday, October 12th - Student Holiday

**Please send in an over sized tee shirt to use as a smock for art class**

Gym Days next week:  Tuesday, Friday

Parent/Teacher Conferences - October 22nd, 23rd

Have a great weekend!

Sharon DeBardino

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