Friday, December 11, 2020

December 7th - 11th


This week the kindergarten class continues to work on the Christmas Nativity.  However, we have made time to understand the true meaning of Christmas!  We read the story, The Best Thing About Christmas by Christine Harder Tangvald.  It's a story about all of the wonderful things that go along with Christmas, like the decorations and colors of Christmas, smells like turkey in the oven and cookies baking at Grandmom's house, and the sounds of Christmas like bells and carols!  These are all great things about Christmas, but what's the best thing?  Jesus!  The day we celebrate Jesus' birthday!  Our class did our own journal entry of what we think the best thing about Christmas is.  Yes, it's Jesus but check out some of our other ideas!


 "The best thing about Christmas is Baby Jesus.  It is his birthday and that is why we have Christmas."  ~ Braden

"The best thing about Christmas is celebrating Baby Jesus' birthday!"  ~ Sydney

"The best thing about Christmas is decorating the tree.  I like the lights.  My mommy helps me decorate it."  ~ Andre

"The best thing about Christmas is Santa.  He brings presents and rides on his sleigh."  ~ Harper

"The best thing about Christmas is Baby Jesus.  He comes because he loves us."  ~ Gesiah

"The best thing about Christmas is getting lots of presents and having fun with my mom and dad.  We play games together."  ~ Georgie

"The best thing about Christmas is Santa Claus coming to my house."  ~ Henry

"The best thing about Christmas is it is Baby Jesus' birthday on Christmas day."  ~ Asai

Saint Nicholas Day!

Saint Nicholas surprised us by placing special gifts in our shoes!  We placed our shoes in the hallway and waited for Saint Nicholas to come!  What a fun day!

The students have been working on a mini unit about the story, Polar Express!  We pretended to be passengers on the train and drew pictures of what we would see if we looked out the window on the train!  We saw wild animals, the forest, and tall snow-covered mountains!  We "retold" the story by working on what happened during the beginning, middle, and ending of the story!  The students are fantastic illustrators and story tellers!

We ended our unit by having a Polar Express day where the students wore their pajamas and we watched the movie!  


Friday, December 18th is a half day. Dismissal is at 12:00 noon - there will be no lunch and no HCA Plus.

 Christmas break will be from December 21 through January 4. Classes will resume on Tuesday, January 5, 2021. It will be day 6 on January 5.

Looking ahead: school picture day will be on Wednesday, January 27. More information will be sent home in the new year.

Gym Days next week: Tuesday, Wednesday

Have a great weekend!
Sharon DeBardino

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