Friday, February 5, 2021

February 1st - 5th


After enjoying a few days off for snow, the boys and girls got right back into the swing of getting work done!  We took advantage of the snow and used it as part of our science this week! Who doesn't love playing in the snow!  We placed snow in four small containers and labeled the containers:  freezer, refrigerator, windowsill, shelf.  The students predicted which container of snow would melt first.   After leaving the snow in the containers for about an hour, we came to the conclusion that snow melts faster the warmer it gets.  The snow melted very quickly in the container that sat on a shelf.  Also, the one that sat on the windowsill was melted as well.  The containers in the freezer and refrigerator barely changed!

Last week we used our cubes to help us with subtraction.  This week, we used our cubes to help us begin our unit on measurement!  Throughout our unit, we will begin using rulers and measure to the nearest inch!  Stay tuned for more pictures on measurement!

Things to work on!

As we move throughout the second half of the kindergarten year, it's important for our students to learn how to tie their shoes, or at least have a sense of beginning to tie.  Mrs. Mossor continues to work on shoe tying in her class and I encourage the students to work on this at home as well.

Another area for our students to master is knowing their address and a parent phone number.  Have your child learn to identify the street address and city, and either a house or cell phone number.

   Student Council is selling Candy Grams - $1.00 per candy gram.

Deadline to purchase is Wednesday, February 10th. Delivery date is Thursday, Feb. 11th.

Thursday, February 11th will be a dress down day. Students may wear red/pink for

Valentine's Day. Students may bring in their valentines for their classmates, but

please refrain from sending in any food treats per Mrs. Fox-Tully's email.

There is no school on Friday, February 12th and Monday, February 15th.

Enrollment contracts for the 2021-2022 academic year are due on Friday, February 26th.

February is Black History Month when we will be celebrating Black history and culture. If

you or someone you know would be willing to share with a class, a division, or multiple

groups to enhance our celebration in any way, please email and we will make it as easy as possible.

Looking forward, March is Women's Month, April is Arab American Heritage Month,

and May is Asian and Pacific Islanders Month.

The Pre-K and Kindergarten are hosting a sock drive to benefit The Joy of Sox. Please

send in NEW socks for men, women, and children and place them in the boxes

in your hallway. The drive will run until February 19th.

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Have a great weekend!

Sharon DeBardino


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