Thursday, January 23, 2020

January 20th - 24th

Science time is so much fun!  

Especially when we get to have science time with our Pre-K friends! Over the last two weeks, we have gotten together with Pre-K for science!  We discussed darkness!  Even though the lights are off or if it's dark outside, things stay the same.  We partnered the students up and one student wore a blindfold while the other student placed a classroom object in their hand.  The blindfolded student had to guess what the item was!  It was fun giving clues!  Next we made a "Cave of Darkness" in the classroom!  The boys and girls took turns going into the "cave" and we noticed that even though it was dark, everything remained the same in the room!


Once again, our Pre-K and Kindergarten classes are organizing a donation drive!  This time we are collecting gently used or new coats.  We understand the importance of giving to those in need.  Over the last few days, the temperature outside has been extremely cold.  We talked with our students about the need of wearing winter coats when it's that cold out.  Unfortunately, there are families in our area that cannot afford new coats each year and that's why it's so important to give and help those in need.  Please consider donating to our coat drive!  The coat drive ends, Monday, January 27th!

Our friends worked on circling the main subject in the sentence!
Way to go, Kindergartners!


Gym class next week:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Coat Drive ends Monday, January 27th

Parent Visitation Day, February 7th

Have a great weekend!
Sharon DeBardino

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